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School Readiness

Increasing future graduation rates

At KCSL, we believe every child deserves a chance for a better life and we know that school readiness is a key predictor of future success.

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KCSL’s School Readiness Programs

Early Head Start is a national program that works with at-risk pregnant mothers and families with children birth to age three. This program includes two different types of support: weekly home visits and center-based childcare.

Our goal is to help parents care for their children by addressing topics such as health, safety, and child development. The Early Head Start program works alongside parents to provide developmentally appropriate activities and educational experiences that can be incorporated into their family’s daily routine. Our home visitors also help new mothers adjust to life with a newborn by providing support and guidance.

The Head Start program offers comprehensive childcare and early childhood education for children ages three to four years old.  Enrollment is based on income eligibility.

In addition to providing high-quality early childhood education, the Head Start program also offers physical and behavioral health care and nutritional services that are designed to care for the whole child and support the entire family.

KCSL’s Restorative Education services help students that have been suspended long-term, expelled or are otherwise unable to maintain in a traditional school setting. Most students attending the program are struggling with issues related to substance abuse, anger and impulse control, mental illness and behaviors that can be violent and disruptive to their home and school environments. KCSL’s Restorative Education improves student’s ability to function within a traditional or alternative school and earn their high school diploma.

KCSL’s Restorative Education program serves youth in Shawnee County. To begin services, a referral from an area school district must be provided.

Our school readiness programs are designed to provide a safe and positive environment in which a child can learn and develop.

The skills gained in these programs will help kids be successful during their academic career and increase future graduation rates in Kansas.

Research shows that providing a solid foundation for learning goes far beyond academic support. That’s why our programs focus on the whole picture and include support for parents in many areas including health, nutrition, safety, development, behavioral support, and more. Our staff may also help families by providing referrals to other community resources for assistance when needed.


of children were assessed for developmental milestones to ensure optimal physical growth and social-emotional development

KCSL believes that parents and caregivers play an enormous role in early development. We view parents as a child’s first teachers and we want to set them up for maximum success. So we encourage healthy family relationships and actively promote opportunities for parent-child interactions that incorporate learning into the daily routine. With our support parents and caregivers learn new ways to interact with their children to help them be successful.


of children served improved coping mechanisms and their
anti-social behavior after experiencing trauma.


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