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Building a stronger, more resilient, and educated workforce

Gain the know-how to improve children’s lives. Parents, caregivers, and professionals turn to KCSL to provide high-quality evidence-based instruction to help them navigate the complexities of the social services world.

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KCSL’s Education Initiatives

Our trainings are designed to teach practical, real-world skills that build on an underlying passion and compassion for serving children and families. KCSL’s skillful trainers aim to bring trainings to life by creating impactful lessons that can be easily applied to real-life situations.

Every year KCSL distributes 200,000 pieces of child abuse prevention materials from our Community Resource Library. Our library offers a ton of resources for families, caregivers, and professionals to help prevent child abuse at no charge. Many of these resources are offered in both English and Spanish.

Follow the link below to search for the materials you need and order them today. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We believe that family-friendly workplaces benefit employers, employees, and children. Our strategies include promoting a flexible work schedule, childcare access, paid parental leave, continued breastfeeding, comprehensive wellness programs, supportive services, predictable work schedules, and livable wages with career development. These strategies have been proven successful even as employers work to meet their bottom line and achieve their business goals.


of participants reported an increase in the knowledge or skills.

By design, instruction incorporates the most current research and innovative theories on child development while focusing on the needs of the learner to promote deeper understanding.


of participants reported they are willing to develop trusting relationships with someone in the community.


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