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Child Abuse Prevention

Breaking cycles of trauma to help communities thrive

Kansas Children’s Service League serves as the state chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America. In this key role, we work to build awareness, educate, organize activities, and lead advocacy efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect.

mother with two young children


of children served through KCSL intensive services remain safely at home with their parent.

Individuals, professionals, and organizations can prevent childhood abuse and neglect in their communities by getting involved. Here are some key ways YOU can keep Kansas kids safe and strong!


You can help the state of Kansas and the nation prioritize child abuse prevention by getting involved with community activities and advocating for local, state, and national policies that support this effort. Consider contacting lawmakers to discuss the importance of child abuse prevention programs and funding.


We all play a role in raising children, whether we are neighbors, educators, caregivers, or family members. Think about serving on a local committee or board that focuses on prevention efforts, or volunteering for a program like KCSL to support kids in your community.


Providing a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow is one of the best investments we can make. Reach out to your local school district, faith-based communities, and organizations about sponsoring classes for parents in your community. Think about becoming a mentor for new parents, or consider sharing your knowledge on the subject with friends, family, and neighbors.


of KCSL parents increased family functioning.


Children thrive with the support of engaged communities and nurturing families. Familiarize yourself with the resources available in your community then share your knowledge with vulnerable children and families in your area. To learn more about the services in your area, call 1-800-CHILDREN.


Learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect. If you suspect abuse or neglect, call 1-800-922-5330.


Call (877) 530-5275 for more information.