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What We Do

Family support services for every need.

Kansas Children’s Service League (KCSL) aims to create, restore, and repair parent-child relationships to build stronger families. The work we do not only benefits the families we work with, it benefits every Kansan.

Explore the wide range of services KCSL offers. You’ll find programs designed to meet the needs of all families, including families with infants, preschoolers, and school-age children. We also have services for parents, grandparents, foster/adoptive parents, caregivers, and professionals as well.

Our childhood abuse prevention services work to break the cycle of trauma that plagues so many families and communities throughout Kansas. KCSL’s school readiness services help increase future graduation rates amongst participants. Family support services produce better parents and successful families. And lastly, our education services for both families and professionals help build a stronger, more resilient, and better-educated workforce.


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Individuals, professionals, and organizations can prevent childhood abuse and neglect in their communities by getting involved. Here are some key ways YOU can keep Kansas kids safe and strong!

Our school readiness programs are designed to provide a safe and positive environment in which a child can learn and develop. The skills gained in these programs will help kids be successful during their academic career and increase future graduation rates in Kansas.

That’s why we offer a wide range of services to better support families during times of health and hardship all year round. Whether it’s answering new parents’ questions or getting assistance for those facing an unexpected crisis, we work to make sure families have access to the resources they need.

Our trainings are designed to teach practical, real-world skills that build on an underlying passion and compassion for serving children and families. KCSL’s skillful trainers aim to bring trainings to life by creating impactful lessons that can be easily applied to real-life situations. By design, instruction incorporates the most current research and innovative theories on child development while focusing on the needs of the learner to promote deeper understanding.


Parent Tip Cards

KCSL’s Parent Tip Cards provide straightforward information free of charge on a range of topics for parents, caregivers, and professionals.


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As a statewide agency that impacts the lives of 20,000 children and families a year, there’s always something going on at KCSL.


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