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Volunteer Spotlight: Bob and Brenda Casper

February 8, 2023

KCSL Volunteers Bob and Brenda

February 8, 2023

Helping Students Thrive In and Out of the Classroom

Volunteers are the backbone of Kansas Children’s Service League (KCSL). Their active participation helps us deliver our vital messages and programs to strengthen the community. We cherish volunteers like Bob and Brenda Casper who lend their time, talents and expertise. The Casper’s are regular volunteers at KCSL and believe in the importance of giving back. It’s not unusual to see Bob and Brenda helping at a KCSL event or working with our youth in a classroom. Every other Monday, the Casper’s volunteer with KCSL’s restorative education services that assists older youth who have been suspended or at imminent risk of failure in school. Brenda divides her time between three classrooms teaching various creative art projects, while Bob tutors anyone who needs it. They prepare each activity with the students in mind and even supply everything needed for each project.

Volunteer Spotlight Questionnaire:

  • Why do you volunteer?

The primary reason that Brenda and I volunteer is our mothers both instilled in us the feeling that we should be giving back to a community that supports us in so many ways. We are both retired from state service and now have the time to volunteer.

  • How did you get involved with KCSL?

We chose to volunteer at KCSL because our daughter, Heather Moon, is employed at the Topeka office. Heather knew our love of kids and has requested our assistance on many projects.

  • Tell us more about the art and activities you do while volunteering.

We currently volunteer at the Center for Restorative Education (CRE). Brenda leads in arts projects while Bob is available for tutoring in English, History, or Math. Brenda finds a lot of her projects on Pinterest. Nothing thrills us more than when we have 100% involvement from the students. Another plus is when they ask if they can do the project a second time. Some of our favorite projects include: making edible haunted houses, making Christmas ornaments using pour paint, and creating 2 X 4 snowmen.

  • Where are you from?

Brenda was born in Wichita and moved to Topeka at the age of 8. Bob is a lifelong resident of Topeka. We currently live in the Seaman school district about a half a mile from where Brenda grew up.

  • Tell us about your family.

Brenda and I have three grown children. We are also guardians of two of our high school aged grandchildren. KCSL provided necessary services in support while we were seeking guardianship of our grandchildren.

  • What hobbies besides volunteering do you enjoy?

Brenda enjoys ceramics and teaching Sunday School. Bob is the pastor at Bethel Community Church and works for the Washburn Athletic Department as a timekeeper for football and basketball.

Are you interested in being a KCSL volunteer? Contact us at