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Exploring the Journey to Adoption: A Testimony of Perseverance and Hope

January 25, 2024

Rolf family infant adoption through KCSL

January 25, 2024

The path to adoption can be challenging and filled with moments of uncertainty and resilience. For Amanda and Brett Rolfs, their adoption journey spanned close to a decade, marked by hurdles and heartfelt moments that led to welcoming their daughter, Hazel, into their lives. Their experience fostering older children while awaiting an infant adoption provided invaluable insights. It cultivated a deeper understanding of parenthood and others’ circumstances, enriching their perspective and fostering meaningful relationships beyond their initial aspirations.

Adopting Hazel

The Rolfs recently finalized Hazel’s adoption on October 30. This beautiful addition to their family is a testament to their unwavering determination and the support they received from Kansas Children’s Service League (KCSL). Amanda and Brett exemplify the hope embedded in the adoption journey. It’s a testament to the unwavering spirit of those navigating the intricate path toward parenthood, where challenges serve as a stepping stone to profound understanding and love.

”I think one benefit to waiting so long to adopt is that we won’t take any minute for granted,” Amanda said. “Changing dirty diapers even feels like a huge blessing! We have learned patience, as well as trust in God to have control of the grand plan and to guide our steps.”

Navigating the Adoption Process

Amanda and Brett’s pursuit began nearly ten years ago, a time when finding an agency willing to consider their established home study was a daunting task. Financial constraints added to the challenge, leading them to entities that were not traditional adoption agencies. The road was difficult; a match fell through, casting shadows of doubt. However, KCSL eventually became a beacon of hope. The years 2020 and 2021 brought more challenges with dwindling matches and restricted mobility due to the pandemic. Despite the uncertainty, the unwavering support from staff affirmed their decision to trust KCSL.

The Role of KCSL in the Adoption Journey

The Rolfs emphasize the consistent support and guidance provided by KCSL. Amidst a time of minimal progress, KCSL’s communication and dedication to protecting both adoptive and birth parents stood out. Their involvement during the birth, staying by the birth mother’s side, and continual support post-birth reaffirmed their faith in the process.

“We felt at ease due to KCSL’s involvement,” Amanda said. “They checked in on us in the days and weeks that followed Hazel’s birth and were available to answer any questions we had.”

Lessons for Parenting Through Adoption

The lengthy journey instilled profound insights. Amanda and Brett value every moment with their child and strive to nurture qualities like patience and faith in her. Drawing from the birth mother’s compassion, they aim to instill empathy and understanding in their daughter.

“We hope to teach Hazel patience, understanding for others’ circumstances that are unlike her own, and also just to have faith in a power greater than her own,” Amanda said. “We hope she inherits her birth mother’s compassion, which showed during the selection process. We will do our best to teach her that as well!”

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