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Purposeful Parenting

July 20, 2023

Message from Gail Purposeful Parenting

July 20, 2023

A Message from Gail

Hello Friends!

Did you know that July is officially designated as Purposeful Parenting Month by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services? With the summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time for families to come together and build strong, positive and healthy parent-child relationships.

But what exactly does purposeful parenting mean?

Purposeful parenting goes beyond just meeting your child’s basic needs. It’s about empowering them to learn new skills, unleash their creativity and become productive individuals. And guess what? It doesn’t require you to be a perfect parent! It’s simply about doing your best as a caregiver and ensuring that your little ones have less stress in their lives while nurturing their innate desire to make a positive impact and connect with others.

How can you add more purpose into your parenting journey?

Here are some exciting ways to do it:

  1. Start by ensuring your child’s basic needs are met like providing them with food and shelter.
  2. Show love and acceptance by being kind, gentle and understanding.
  3. Learn about child development at every stage and be willing to adapt your parenting techniques.
  4. Catch your child being good and be the role model they need showcasing the behavior you want to see in them.
  5. And play! Play! Play! Don’t forget to embrace the power of play! Let loose, have fun and create joyful memories together.

Remember, purposeful parenting is an ongoing adventure, and it’s never too late to embark on it. By being intentional in our daily interactions, we can nurture our children’s growth and pave the way for them to become happy, resilient and more fulfilled individuals. Let’s dive in and make every moment count!


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