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Prioritizing Togetherness

June 10, 2024


June 10, 2024

A Message from Gail

Hello Friends,

Summer break often brings warmth, joy and downtime for families. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bond and spend quality time together. At Kansas Children’s Service League (KCSL), we recognize the importance of prioritizing family togetherness and the positive effect it has on children’s well-being.

As days get longer and we find space to relax, I encourage you to embrace simplicity and creativity in your activities. While it may seem daunting to entertain children on a budget, I assure you that the most precious moments often arise from the simplest of pleasures.

There are countless ways to connect and have fun together without spending money. From visiting local parks and splash pads to family get-togethers at local churches or organizations like KCSL, free family fun is easy to find. One fantastic option this summer is Sunflower Summer, an app that gives families access to free attractions across Kansas. Additionally, you can get creative and plan low-cost activities at home. Stargazing in the backyard, cooking together or playing games as a family are simple activities that create lasting memories for your children.

Keep in mind, striving for perfection isn’t necessary. The real worth of your effort is found in the love and attention you provide your children, not the extravagance of the activities. In a world filled with distractions, being fully present with our loved ones is a priceless gift. Make sure to treasure these moments of togetherness, laughter and discovery. Children are only small for such a brief time.

I wish you a summer filled with warmth, connection and positive memories that will last a lifetime.


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Gail Cozadd