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Kirk’s Adoption Story: A Tale of Reconnection

May 9, 2024

Kirk adoption search

May 9, 2024

Kirk, a former adoptee, recently contacted Kansas Children’s Service League (KCSL) to find his biological parents. Kirk wanted to learn more about his birth family but found connections and family he didn’t know he had.

Kirk’s adoption story began with a loving family facing difficulty. His birth parents, Pauline and Everett, were in their 40s with six children when his mother became pregnant again. Due to financial hardship and the physical demands of both farm and family life, Pauline and Everett contacted KCSL for adoption services. The decision was not an easy one and took its toll on Pauline and their family. Following the adoption, KCSL continued supporting the family by conducting home visits and providing counseling for their grief. Eventually, they came to terms with their decision but never gave up the hope of seeing him one day. Kirk’s birth family made sure KCSL had their current information so that if baby Kirk ever wanted to find them, he could. That’s where Kirk’s story of reconnection comes in.

Growing up, Kirk had two loving adoptive parents and was blessed with a younger brother. When Kirk reached out to KCSL, he wanted to learn more about where he came from and access his medical history. He learned that he had three surviving siblings. Upon contacting them, they were eager to connect in person. Their reunion led to sharing stories, laughter, photos and family history. In the following video, Kirk meets his biological sister, Susan, for the first time.

As they reunited, Kirk felt grateful to reconnect with his biological family and develop that relationship after so many years of separation. For Kirk, the journey wasn’t just about finding his identity—it was about finding his place in a bigger story. Kirk now has a lasting connection with his family and gets to experience what it’s like to be the “little brother.”

family photo

Everett and Pauline take a family portrait with their children, captured before Kirk’s birth.

(back row, right) Kirk meets his two biological sisters and brother for the first time.

Our History in Adoption

Finding safe and loving homes for children in need has always been an important part of KCSL’s work. Our legacy of adoption work continues to this day through our From Heart to Home Infant Adoption program that connects expecting birth parents with loving adoptive families. Helping children and supporting families is at the heart of everything we do.