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KCSL Welcomes New Board Chair, David Fernkopf

May 23, 2023

KCSL Board Chair David Fernkopf

May 23, 2023

Kansas Children’s Service League (KCSL) is excited to introduce our new Board of Directors chair, David Fernkopf! David has been actively involved with KCSL for over 10 years now and brings impressive experience working with children and families to our agency. Keep reading to learn more about David and his new role as board chair.

Q&A with David FernKopf

• How long have you been involved with KCSL?

“I first became involved with KCSL when my husband, Paul, and I became foster parents back in 2013. They were the sponsor for our foster care license. While working with KCSL, I was able to see all the other great work KCSL has to offer children and families in Kansas.”

• What inspired you to take on this role?

“I joined the KCSL Board of Directors in 2019 when I started working at the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE). Leadership at KSDE has been incredibly supportive. I have helped KCSL grow and change the past few years, and this April, I was happy to step into the leadership role of chair.”

• Tell us a bit more about your education and professional background.

“I have a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, a master’s degree in school leadership and a doctorate in educational leadership. Previously, I have been an elementary teacher and principal, and now am an assistant director at KSDE on the Career Standard and Assessment Service Team. I am highly involved in the National Education Association and sit on several national committees. Additionally, I am an adjunct professor at Fort Hays State University.”

• What are you most excited about with your new role as board chair?

“I am so happy to see where we are next year at this time as we continue to grow and help children and families across the state.”

• Tell us a little about your personal life, what you enjoy doing, hobbies, and any passions you have.

“I love to read fantasy fiction books. I participate in martial arts two to three nights a week, in which I have two black belts, a first degree in Hawiann Kempo Karate and a second degree in Shaolin Fu.”

Stronger Families Start Here

We are thrilled to see David step into this new position as chair of KCSL’s Board of Directors. The volunteers that make up our Board of Directors, Foundation Trustees and Community Leadership and Development Councils help us enhance our efforts to protect and promote the well-being of children. Learn more about the professionals and community members who dedicate their time to building stronger Kansas families here.