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"Chair"ish our Children
For adults a chair is a place to sit and wait, but for a child a chair inexplicably becomes more than a place to wait. Tired of waiting, the chair becomes a ship on the high seas, a rocket shooting through space or a magic carpet ride zipping through the sky, a place built on imagination and dreams. Whatever the scenario, one thing remains; the ability to dream without boundaries, imagine the unseen and believe in the impossible is vested in the minds of our children. Every child deserves a safe home where the ability to dream and imagine is built.


APRIL 8, 2017
8:30-10:30 a.m.
Live Auction starts at 10:15 a.m.

Join us before Park Opening for the first “Chair”ish our Children event in Independence! Enjoy a FREE Chris Cakes breakfast and bid on children’s chairs creatively painted by local artists during the live auction! For more information, contact Erin Bunn at (877) 530-5275 ext. 1501 or

Proceeds from the “Chair”ish our Children event benefit KCSL's child abuse prevention programs and services in Independence including Healthy Families, Parent Helpline (1-800-CHILDREN) and Period of PURPLE Crying®.

Can't attend but want to support KCSL? Donate online!

We thank all our sponsors and volunteers who help KCSL continue to provide quality services for Independence children and families. A big thanks goes to our 2017 major sponsors Westar Energy, Jim Hayward Fine Art, St. John’s Clinic and Magnolia Scents by Design.



KCSL is grateful for the local artists that volunteered and donated their talent and time to create these amazing works of art. Don't miss your opportunity to get one of these imaginative chairs and support KCSL!

CHAIR THEME: Big Locomotive

ARTIST: Jim Hayward

"All I had to do to get inspired was to stand in the presence of this magnificent machine. Its massive countenance dwarfed me, and I tried to imagine the person designing it and the steel workers building it. I imagined the locomotive moving down the track pulling railroad cars filled with coal or grain. I thought what a sight it must have been rolling along billowing thick gray smoke," Read more about Jim's inspiration for the Big Locomotive Chair.

Jim Hayward Fine Art is also a 2017 "Chair"ish our Children major sponsor.

CHAIR THEME: Butterfly Garden

ARTIST: Vicki Gordon

"Artistic creativity is a force within each person, but expressed in individual ways. My artistic expression has been watercolor, acrylic, stoneware pottery and sculpture. I find inspiration in the many aspects of nature and my subject matter and palette reflect nature’s influence.The Butterfly Garden at the Ralph Mitchell Zoo is a project of the Independence Garden Club. As a member, I have been involved in the planning, planting and tending of the garden; therefore this is the theme chosen for the chair I am presenting," Learn more about Vicki's inspiration for the Butterfly Garden Chair.


ARTIST: Gabriela Sandoval Johnson

"The Lion-Chair for the “Chairish” Fundraiser project, proved to be a big challenge for me as an artist. My main area of interest is oil painting so for this three-dimensional project I took two months to do some research before I began construction. As an Art teacher and community member, I only volunteer to do projects for church, school, or family, and they must have a greater purpose behind them. As a graduate of the Art Education program at Pittsburg State University, one of our professors, Dr. Moody, taught us the philosophy of ‘social reconstruction’, which states that “…Art should be about something that counts towards making our lives better, and that we can and should engage in art education and art therapy that is pivotal in making the world a better place," Read more about Gabriela's method and inspiration for the Lion Chair.


ARTIST: Rachel Unruh

"I was thrilled to have my favorite object to observe at the park, the peacock, to replicate in a totally creative, unusual format. The initial exuberance was replaced with perplexity as I began to tackle the challenge. I researched the colors, seeing them up close in pictures on the internet. I compared what I saw with a few feathers I had in various arrangements around my house. Then I looked at the chair and made some necessary evaluations for structural needs," Learn more about Rachel's process creating the Peacock Chair.

CHAIR THEME: Monkey Island

ARTIST: Tim Raglin


ARTISTS: Kathleen Bradshaw and Dani Rathbun

Kathleen and Dani are both art students at Independence High School. Learn about their experience working on the Fountain Chair.


ARTIST: Cristine Sundquist


ARTIST: Becky Foster

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